About Us

  • Michael Auda and Kate Coudayre-Auda both see photography as a means of communicating personal vision, requiring technical lighting ability and tenacious attention to detail.
  • After receiving a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, from Boston College, Michael pursued and developed his love of photography and of the outdoors in Telluride, Colorado. After shooting portraits and events on the mountains of Colorado for three years, Michael’s desire to broaden his technical expertise lead him to enroll in the Master’s program studying architecture and nature photography at the world renowned Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California.
  • Kate was inspired at a young age to pursue a career in the visual arts. Her passion for photography also led her to attend Brooks Institute. While there she majored and developed a passion for industrial scientific photography with an emphasis on commercial advertising. These studies not only honed her lighting skills, but also helped develop the critical eye, which is essential in both the architectural, and travel photographic fields.
  • Both Michael and Kate have a love of travel, which for both started at a young age. Being raised a first generation Italian-American, and being fluent in the Italian language, Michael has had the opportunity to spend much time during his formative years in his parent’s native land. It is during these many travels throughout Italy that his keen interest in architectural history and architectural photography initially began and developed. Together Michael and Kate have been working on photographing castles in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy.
  • Michael and Kate continue to pursue their passion working together, and challenging each other during every shoot to always end up with imagery that far surpasses the industry standard.